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Michael Buster (Mike)

Managing Director / Photographer

Allaround360 represents years of preparation and skill development in various areas of photography and technology. I have long had an interest in photography, and in the late ‘90s and early 2000s began providing photography for others on a part-time basis, including building complex multimedia 360° virtual tours for various organizations in Central Illinois.

In addition to being a photographer I spent most of the past 20 years as a senior IT professional at Caterpillar Inc. But, in late 2015 I left Caterpillar, and my family and I decided to relocate to Melbourne, Florida where we established allaround360 LLC in 2016. Given my interest and some background in real estate, we decided that real estate photography and related services would be the focus of our new fulltime business.

More important, however, than just an interest in real estate is that we are true believers… Having bought and sold multiple properties over the years, we have witnessed firsthand the power of professional photography to sell homes . . . to sell any home. That is not to diminish the efforts of an excellent real estate agent. Having a great agent who sets the right price is also critical. And, when you have both excellent photography and an excellent agent, great results are sure to follow.

At allaround360 we look forward to partnering with you in getting and selling more listings, not only through excellent photography, but also by providing you with free or inexpensive virtual tours or single property websites that are included with some photography packages. These are sure to impress.

For further information on my background please follow the LinkedIn profile link below. Please contact us at 800.866.2362 to schedule a shoot or ask any question you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!


Kelly Ann Buster

Associate Creative Director / Business Manager / Photographer

I am a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University and have a master’s degree from Bradley University. I served as a consulting software engineer for a number of years with a firm in Peoria, where I worked closely with customers to gather their requirements and developed large computer systems for a corporate client. Now I have been enjoying being a part of the allaround360 joint adventure with my husband of 23 years! With all the recent technical advances, it is truly an exciting time to be in the real estate photography business. I look forward to working with you on your next real estate photography project.

Please contact us today at allaround360. We would love to discuss your needs and requirements and build a solution that will serve you and your organization for years to come.


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