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twilight photography

For residential real estate photography the front exterior image of the home is certainly one of the so called “money shots”…    What most experts in the real estate industry consider even more valuable than an exterior image shot in the bright sunlight is the same image shot at twilight.

A twilight image must be taken either around sunrise or sunset. If at sunrise, we will need to be in place ready to start capturing images approximately 40 minutes prior to sunrise, and we will remain and continue capturing images until approximately 40 minutes after sunrise. Likewise, if we are shooting at sunset, we will need to arrive and start capturing images by 40 minutes prior to sunset and remain until approximately 40 minutes after sunset.

One of the greatest benefits of twilight images is the softer light coming from natural sources. This tends to greatly enhance the appearance of virtually any home, and it also tends to hide flaws that might otherwise be more obvious in the bright midday sun.

When we shoot a twilight image either the agent or homeowner will need to turn on all the lights in the home so that we have an approximately equal amount of light coming out of all of the windows of the home . We will ultimately be using a single image from the camera for each final image that we deliver, at least in most cases; however we have to take multiple shots of each scene as we want to find the best image where the amount of light from natural sources is very close to the amount of light from artificial sources, e.g. the light coming out of the windows of the home.

Depending on the appearance of the sky on the particular day, we may also do what is called a sky replacement during post processing. I suppose the definition of a sky replacement is self explanatory. In any case, we want our twilight image to have as beautiful of a sky as possible.

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