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light paintings

A completed twilight light painting

The above image is a completed 'twilight light painting'. The video on this page demonstrates part of the process of shooting the multiple images required to create a final image like the one pictured above.

Just like the process for capturing a standard twilight image, the entire process must begin shortly before sunrise or sunset. We generally shoot these in the evening. When we shoot at sunset, we will need to arrive and start capturing images by 40 minutes prior to sunset and remain until approximately 40 minutes after sunset (more or less).

What makes a light painting distinct from a standard twilight image is that in the end we will be merging together anywhere from 20 to 40 separate images to build a single final deliverable image.  The light ‘painting’ is not really a painting. We call it a painting because the photographer is, in a sense, ‘painting’ various areas within the scene using a handheld speedlite/flash. The video on this page shows the photographer triggering the camera on a tripod to capture multiple different images with the flash lighting up different areas in the scene each time he triggers the camera. After shooting the images we will spend a long time in photo editing software using layering and masking techniques to merge all the various images together into one. Ultimately we keep the portion of each image that was illuminated with the flash, along with some of the portions that were not, and merge all of these together to create the final image.

In addition to all of that we usually do a sky replacement for each of these, as well as enhance color saturation, sharpness, etc. and correct white balance.

A twilight painting can be an image of a pool, home exterior or virtually any other outdoor facility or structure. Please contact us at 800.866.2362 to schedule a shoot or to ask any question you may have.